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Some things to think about

There is more to picking a holster than saying i will take that one. Theres many ways to carry and it can sometimes be intimidating trying to figure it all out especially if your new to carrying a firearm. I have been carrying for 30 years and have carryied about everyway there is.

                           various ways to carry

in the waist band (iwb)

out of waist band(owb)

right handed or left handed

12 to 1 oclock position(right hand appendix)

3 oclock position(right hip)

6 oclock position(lower back or kidney)

9 oclock position(left hip)

11-12 oclock position(left hand appendix)

cross draw( this is when you carry on the opposite side of your handing in the appendix.

in the pocket



This isnt an exhausted list,our customers are always asking for variations of the ways listed and even more. lifestyle,comfort,ease,disabilities,body type and even legalitys can all come into the equation when picking a holster.


If you sit or drive a lot a cross draw holster is the easiest way to access your firearm, We make a lot of holsters for motorcyclist and they like a left hand cross draw so they can access easily and still keep there hand on the throttle and brake.

Lower back works great for many body types but the larger people usually find this more comfortable. 

I have a bad shoulder so thats a disability that prevents me from carrying in the lower back.

Appendix carry is great but from our experience usually the slimmer people find this way more comfortable.

Depending on your state laws you may have to pick a certain way to carry just to stay legal. I am from NC and we can open carry without a permit and can also conceal carry with a ccw permit. SC can only conceal carry and has to have a ccw permit to legally carry ,so take some good advice and check your state laws. Also when traveling check the reciprocity laws between states to stay legal. You can call any sheriff dept and they are more than happy to help you stay legal.

Long story short theres more to it than just saying i will take that one. But we are here to help and can guide and advise you . You can even reach us by phone. Our customer service is unmatched and we would love to prove it to you.


We are proud of our customer service and our reviews prove it.  Our Face Book reviews are proof, We also have a 100% rating on Ebay, and a five star rating on Etsy. That doesnt mean we dont sometimes have issues but we always make it right if you have some problems with our holsters. You can buy from us with confidence that we stand behind our holsters. Everyone has good customer service at the beginning of the sale but few have customer service after the sale. We have great service not just at the beginning of the sale but also long after the sale, because we put a lifetime warranty on all our holsters, We dont care how you break it we will repair it or replace it GUARANTEED.


was much more than expected and the customer service was the very best,Thanks by chuckchewie

Amazing holsters and service. If your gonna buy a holster buy it here by guntoast

5 star service. Will do business with again by raven846

Great holster,perfect fit,speedy delivery even with special request, byfuzzblue

excellent seller.resolved issue immediatly.Stands behind thier product. by pedrosti

Why our holsters are superior

One of the first things you will notice about our holsters versus the majority of  our competitors holsters is we cover the entire slide. Most other holster builders stop at the trigger guard. They do this for one reason. Profit . They get more holsters per sheet. Because we cover the entire slide you get a complete sweat shield and a complete scratch guard. We cover everything possible except the grip and we cut that area so that when you go for your pistol you feel the pistol and dont jam your hand into the kydex.

The next thing that separates us is clip placement. Most will place there clip in the middle of the slide. We move ours closer to the trigger, this keeps the hand gun from flopping around as much.

We also have a simple cant adjustment, just loosen the screws a little and it can be adjusted about 10 degrees in either direction , and then simply tighten the screws. When it comes to the screws we also do something different. Kydex is a mixture of pvc and high impact  thermoplastic. If you dont slightly oversize your holes to allow for expansion you add stress points. So by oversizing our holes slightly we remove the stress and also allow for the adjustable cant. We also use a rubber grommet on our screws to absorb shock and the tensions created by the rubber grommet prevents our screws from coming loose.

We also cover any safety and when possible make it so you can run safety on or off.

We cover the entire trigger and the magazine release.

Another great feature is we leave the tip of the barrel open but still cover the whole barrel. We do this so if debre falls into your holster it will fall out the next time you draw your weapon. I have had someone elses brass fall in my holster while at the range scratching my gun when i reholstered it. It also allows moisture to escape. We also put a sight channel on all our holsters so your sights clear easily and who knows you may add some after market sights at some point.

We dont use some store bought clips either. The ones you buy are very easy to remove from your belt but that is also a problem. Statistics show 3 out of 10 times the holster comes off with the gun when you draw it. Your life could depend on something as simple as a clip. We custom make our clips out of the thickest kydex available. That combined with 2 slight almost un noticeble bends makes the retention of our clips incredibly strong. There Not that easy to get off but thats the point. Our clips are so strong they also can serve just like a belt loop.  They will clip on nearly any seam on your pants so you dont need to wear a belt. They will even clip on the door panel or steering column on most vehicles. Kydex actually has a grain direction to it also so we cut our clips so the grain runs horizontal not verticle . This prevents the grain from falling at the edge of the screws causing a weak spot.

We also fit each pistol at every stage of the process to insure a great fit.

If it sounds like we have put a lot of thought into the small details its because we have. Thats what makes our holsters a superior holster.

The Second Ammendment

A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”


The first response to this question in my mind is  to protect my family and myself. The next thought that comes to mind is if people who legally carry arent allowed too then only criminals will be the ones carrying.

As we all know this world is becoming increasingly violent and does and will prey on the weak. I do not like being someones prey and refuse to be.

The average response time from the time a 911 call goes out until a police officer arrives is 7 minutes. That is a long time and for some its a lifetime because its the last minutes of there life. For that reason i urge every law abiding citizen to excersise there second ammendment rights.

An intersting fact : The country with the highest homicide rate in the world is Honduras. Honduras completely bans and forbids any gun ownership by an individual.

Switzerland on the other hand has the lowest homicide rate in the world. They issue every person a firearm when they reach military age. Both countrys have a population of about 8 .1 million.

Its also illegal in Mexico to own a firearm and the cartels have taken over. Chicago has some of the strictest gun laws in america along with new york city. there were 762 gun related homicides in  Chicago last year. These stats alone should convince you to excersize your 2A rights.

I love this quote.


Did You Know

Did you know it takes an average person 1.8 seconds to realise that something bad is happening. That they are in immediate danger. And it takes 1.3 seconds for a person to react to that danger. That is 3.1 very precious seconds that can make the difference between life and death or serious injury to you or your family. 

Our holsters fit secure so you dont accidentIly lose your pistol but are very easy  to draw and extremely fast drawing. With 3.1 seconds already past you dont want to have to release a strap, fumble and find a button ect all taking more time and thats assuming you have practiced enough to be proficient with your gun and holster.

So get a Spartan Tactical Holster and be ahead of the game and gain a significant edge.

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We are gun carriers ourselves and know how hard it can be to carry all day long. So we make a minimalist style kydex holster that is designed for safety and comfort. We make otw and itw holsters as well as left and right handed holsters for every holster, also in the back and cross draw. Every holster covers the trigger, safety and mag release. Every holster also has a double shield that is unique to most kydex holsters. The shields serve as a sweat guard and a scratch guard. Our holsters are fast drawing and you can re-holster without taking your eyes off of your target. We make our own clips and there designed to catch on any seam so no belt is required. We also use the thickest material available,this makes a very durable clip that retains its retention. They will also clip in your door panel and steering column on most vehicles. Made by gun carriers for gun carriers.#2nd amendment rights! 


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Here at Spartan Tactical holsters and sheaths we strive to make the perfect kydex holsters for each individual customer. We gladly accept custom orders and special instructions on orders. Great for concealed carry holster or open carry blackhawk holsters safariland holster

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